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Christ-Centered Residential Care for Boys 13-17 Who Need a Second Chance

Timothy Hill Academy (THA) offers a one-year residential program for troubled boys, ages 13-17. Much more than a boarding school, we feature spiritual formation, biblical mentoring, clinical therapy, accredited academics, character-building activities, and vocational training on two beautiful campuses. Our professional staff, limited enrollment, and rural campuses make for a loving, therapeutic environment second to none! Each student at Timothy Hill Academy receives caring, personal attention from licensed therapists and other highly-trained staff.

A Therapeutic Boarding School for Struggling Teen Boys with Character-Building Activities, Teen Work Sharp™ Vocational Training, and Strong Accredited Academics

Timothy Hill Academy is a non-profit, therapeutic boarding school designed to help troubled boys between 13-and 17. Each campus thrives in an equestrian, adventure-based environment to transform lives through love. Trained professional staff teach teens how to become productive citizens through career counseling, caseworker & caretaker support, and by creating a plan for transitioning back into their community. Timothy Hill Academy features two residential campuses – New York and Tennessee (opening summer 2022).

Therapeutic Boarding School


Our Adult Work Sharp™ program is dedicated to serving the transition from foster care to adulthood. Our goal is to help young men (18-25) transition into society as stable contributors, being able to hold a job, live on their own, and give back to their community. We offer a group home setting with one-to-one mentoring, psychological counseling, and attainable goals that focus on Work Sharp™ Vocational Development, Physical & Mental Health, & Spiritual Development.

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Timothy Hill is a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teen boys experiencing future-impacting relational or emotional difficulties brought on by trauma. The Timothy Hill Academy Tennessee campus limits care to 10 teens, allowing our licensed therapists and trained staff to give more attention to each struggling teen boy. An individualized clinical therapy plan and family-focused care help our students thrive mentally and emotionally in less time. Our residential treatment center located in New York State also helps struggling teen boys find positive new ways to manage life’s obstacles and traumas that have strained their well-being and relationships.

The renowned Timothy Hill Academy operates two locations, New York and Tennessee (opening in the summer of 2022), to help struggling boys find purpose. Timothy Hill Academy enrolls boys year-round and provides all levels of therapeutic care for teen boys, ages 13-17, with mild to severe emotional and behavioral problems.

Restoring Troubled Teen Boys and Their Families Since 1980

Timothy Hill Academy is dedicated to the restoration and healing of families. Our beautiful, rural campuses in Tennessee and New York help troubled boys find a new start in life, with purpose and vision for a productive future. While our program is highly disciplined, we use a loving family-style, caring approach with a strong emphasis on work and responsibility. Both the New York and Tennessee Timothy Hill Academy campuses offer experienced group and individual counseling, often using the outdoors as an effective counseling and mentoring setting for boys. Teenage boys who are active and enjoying themselves will more readily open up and share their issues with our staff counselors. While the boys live here, we also work with their family to bring about positive changes and transformation to their relationships.


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Timothy Hill Academy Ranch | Therapeutic Boarding for At-Risk Boys

Timothy Hill Academy is a therapeutic boarding school with campuses in New York and Tennessee, designed to help troubled boys, 13-17.