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Trouble Boys Schools

Looking for trouble boys schools for ages 13-17? 

Because you want the best therapy for an at-risk boy with behavioral issues, consider all the benefits available to boys who enroll in Timothy Hill Academy—with two campuses and one mission to help boys experience “troubled teen transformation through love.”

trouble boys schoolsDoes your struggling teen need to heal from trauma? The knowledgeable staff at Timothy Hill Academy and Ranch offers counseling that can transform a teen’s life. At this therapeutic boarding school, teen boys struggling with self-destructive behaviors and attitudes receive individual, group, and clinical therapy. As counselors identify the source of negative behaviors, boys learn how to address their needs and find ways to heal.  And every Timothy Hill team member wants to help troubled boys and prepare them for a productive and rewarding future.

Timothy Hill Academy and Ranch’s two locations–Riverhead, NY, and Center Hill Lake, TN–operate a boarding school for troubled boys ages 13-17. The faith-based residential program and experienced staff at both sites give at-risk boys a second chance to experience healing and use their God-given gifts and skills .

Many troubled young boys experience self-destructive or dangerous behaviors. As a result of past trauma, they often lose interest in school, friends, and family. Timothy Hill Academy, a boarding school for troubled boys in NY and TN, provides them with the finest care, character-building outdoor activities, and important learning opportunities in a family ranch-style environment. The online accredited high school education program offers academic repair  toward a high school diploma. At-risk boys also actively participate in our WorkSharp vocational skills program.

Timothy Hill Academy’s boarding school for troubled boys includes a strong position on  learning how to work hard, gain confidence and build character, which can prepare them for a successful future. Teen boys at Timothy Hill Academy in NY and TN receive an accredited on-site educational and vocational experience matching their skills.

Young teen boys can also learn how to resolve conflict at either one of our Timothy Hill Academy boarding schools for troubled boys.

Teen boys enrolled at Timothy Hill Academy in NY or TN  often practice positive teamwork on campus. They also receive much-needed hope for restoring and building relationships at home and giving back to their community.

 Timothy Hill Academy offers nightly community sessions at this boarding school for troubled boys to foster healthy relationships with staff, personal mentors, and one another.

trouble boys schoolsSupported by active on-site therapists at this boarding school for troubled boys, teen boys practice new behaviors in a monitored, safe environment. The constructive vocational classes and caring for horses at both Timothy Hill Academy locations also teach boys the importance of responsibility and hard work.

Timothy Hill Academy’s ranch activities for at-risk boys include assigned chores, on-site work, equine therapy, and daily spiritual guidance. Each activity encourages important life changes for a better life back.

Not only do struggling boys at Timothy Hill Academy benefit from learning about positive reflection, but they also enjoy work and adventures that expand what they know about themselves. Your son can change his outlook on life through new experiences at this boarding school for troubled boys!

As you look for trouble boys schools , explore the benefits available to at-risk boys with behavioral issues at Timothy Hill Academy in NY or TN. Call today at (888) 500-5880 to find out if our therapeutic residential Christian school fits the needs of your struggling teen boy. You can e-mail our admissions officer at THA@Timothyhill.org. Or give us a call today!


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Trouble Boys Schools

Trouble Boys Schools - The knowledgeable staff at Timothy Hill Academy and Ranch offers counseling that can transform a teen’s life.